Karl Senner Propulsion Systems Engineering

Building on Karl Senner’s expertise in marine propulsion since 1967, our customers are now demanding a wide range of systems engineering design services to augment our great reliability and service in the field from a wide range of locations. As propulsion systems rapidly evolve, Karl Senner remains at the forefront of delivering turn-key systems with a wide range of configurations including:

  • Shafted fixed propellers (FPP)
  • Shafted controllable pitch propellers (CPP)
  • Waterjets
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Transverse thrusters
  • Drop down (retractable) thrusters
  • Main propulsion control system
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS)
  • Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Hybrid (Electromechanical) Propulsion Systems
  • Battery systems

Today’s modern workboats, tugs, towboats, ferries, offshore vessels and even ships are looking for a competitive edge in fuel economy, operational costs, and environmental controls. There is a growing demand for increasingly greener solutions to reduce air emissions and greenhouse gasses, while vessels continue to a diverse array of operating profiles. The combination of these two realities requires an experienced marine propulsion team to understand a vessel’s operating conditions and configure a modern, multi-component system that will meet your needs with years of reliability.

Karl Senner’s Systems Integration Team works with a wide array of suppliers to configure the optimal source of components, tailored to individual applications. Our systems engineering is agnostic as to the components chosen for your system. We want the very best solution based on your demanding vessel needs. We understand the marine environment and can quickly convert your operational needs into a robust integrated propulsion system design.

Karl Senner is also working is to “future proof” its designs, so they remain cutting edge and easily upgraded as components are improved or developed. Taking a holistic “systems” approach to complex propulsion and control system design includes everything from charging station needs to modular battery configurations and evolving environmental goals. We want to be sure that your design is optimized for purchase cost, installation cost, and life cycle costs with the high operational reliability.

Future autonomous operation upgradability

Intelligent maneuvering in tight quarters

Full ABS and USCG compliance

Working with commercial, military, and government vessels of all types gives our customers access to the latest technology in propulsion equipment and design fundamentals. We are helping military customers incorporate the latest commercial innovations while at the same time taking the military’s forward-thinking designs and adapting them to the best results for commercial customers. Many government vessels are leading the way with zero emissions with all electric ferries and hybrid workboats. We are giving our customer the latest and best ideas from all these markets.

Our systems engineering solutions can include:

  • Concept design
  • Vibration reduction and testing
  • Detailed specifications development
  • Interface documentation and tracking
  • Diesel engine and gearbox configuration design
  • Mechanical, electrical, and hybrid propulsion systems
  • Integrated maneuvering and propulsion
  • Both fixed and controllable pitch propellers
  • 24/7 repair support worldwide
  • Waterjet propulsion
  • Complete propulsion system designs from engines to maneuvering controls
  • Reduction gearboxes
  • Azimuth thruster integration
  • DP Systems integration
  • On site installation support for installation and trials
  • Acceptance and trials testing test plan development

Designs for your next project can be “turnkey” for the whole propulsion system or can be targeted systems engineering on key parts of your overall design.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Karl Senner remains on-call to support our customers at a moment’s notice. We maintain a team of service engineers and technicians who are factory trained and authorized technicians in North America, and often work globally as well. Karl Senner’s Service Department dispatches technicians to perform general inspections, routine maintenance, unforeseen repair, and complex troubleshooting of propulsion systems. Karl Senner aims to get you back underway as fast as possible while maintaining a priority on quality workmanship.