Canal Barge Company, Inc.

“Karl Senner, LLC. provides excellent service and a product that helps us confidently operate our vessels. We are proud to say that Reintjes has been in every boat that Canal Barge Company has built over the past decade.”

– Mark Allen | Canal Barge Company, Inc.

LeBeouf Towing, LLC.

“Over the course of three generations, LeBeouf Towing has relied on Karl Senner, LLC for REINTJES gearboxes and product support. Since 1967 until today, Karl Senner remains one of the best vendors a vessel operator could ask for.”

– Jon Gonsoulin | President of LeBeouf Towing


“Within HFL, Karl Senner is viewed as an extension of our maintenance and engineering department as they take the necessary time to understand our specific needs while also offering the timely advice and support.”

– Kent Furlong | Hines Furlong Lines, Inc.

Sause Bros. Inc.

Karl Senner LLC recently provided gearboxes onboard the M/V Apache and M/V Geronimo.

“60% of the current Sause Bros. fleet is made up of vessels equipped with REINTJES reduction gears, all purchased and serviced through Karl Senner, Inc. During my nearly 30 years with Sause, I have had numerous opportunities to deal with Karl Senner on both purchasing and service, all of which have been positive experiences.”

– Mark Babcock | Sause Bros. Inc.


“Karl Senner’s products and services are unmatched in meeting the rigorous demands of our vessels and operation. Reliability is key.”

– Jim Barker, President |  Seastreak, LLC


karl senner jan rover

“When it came time to change the reduction gearbox on the Ocean Rover, Karl Senner, LLC helped make an incredibly big job a manageable endeavor. They were a great partner helping us outfit the Rover with a new REINTJES gearbox and even a new Alconza shaft generator. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

– Kevin Kiive  |  American Seafoods Company


steamship authority

“Karl Senner has always been there for us with OEM parts in stock and well trained technicians available. It’s very important for the Steamship Authority to maintain reliable schedules for the islands we serve.”

– Steven Clifford  |  Steamship Authority


marquette transportation

“Producing over 9300 HP in the harshest of river condiditons requires tough, dependable gearboxes that stand the test of time. We’re not surprised that the Reintjes WAF 6755’s have exceeded all expectations to date. Thanks again to Karl Senner for another outstanding project.”

– Josh Esper  |  Marquette Transportation Company, LLC


Emery Zidell4

“Karl Senner, LLC is not just a vendor but has been a trusted partner of Harley Marine Services for many years. They are a key part of our equipment selection process for new build vessels. We exclusively use Reintjes gearboxes in our ATB fleet because of their reliability and the customer service and support provided by Karl Senner, LLC, both before and after the delivery process of the vessel. Karl Senner, LLC provides high quality, extremely reliable products and stands behind them with outstanding customer support and service.”

– Steve Carlson  |  Harley Marine Services


Karl Senner Testimonial, Clark Todd

“Blessey Marine has trusted the Reintjes family of gears for almost 20 years. With more than 65 sets of Reintjes gears in service today, our business has continued to operate safely and efficiently with reliable and dependable service from Karl Senner, LLC. With Reintjes and Karl Senner, LLC. as our partners we are confident that we will have many more years of operating success along America’s Inland waterways.”

– Clark Todd  |  President, Blessey Marine Services Inc


Karl Senner Testimonial

“We made the decision to go exclusively with Reintjes gears for Golding Barge Line and the Reintjes gears have served us extremely well.”

– Steve Golding  |  President, Golding Barge Line, Inc


Karl Senner Testimonial, Puget Sound

“Puget Sound Pilots Association has operated Reintjes gearboxes aboard our vessels for over 15 years. In our business it is critical to run reliable, durable equipment to properly protect and serve our waters. We know that we can rely on dependable partners like Karl Senner, LLC and Reintjes to support our operations and success. The Parts Availability and Customer Service from Karl Senner, LLC is unmatched within the industry.”

– Capt. John B. Harris  |  Puget Sound Pilots Assn



“Karl Senner, LLC recently launched its first service overhaul out of its new Service Center in Paducah, KY for AEP. We were very pleased with the fast and reliable service from Karl Senner, LLC, and are happy to welcome the company to our home port of Paducah.”

– Joe Brantley  |  AEP River Operations

Otto Candies, LLC.

Otto Candies

“Over the generations, Karl Senner (LLC) has continued to provide dependable products and service, which in turn has added great value to our company. Their ongoing commitment and support of our company makes us proud of the partnership we have forged over the years.”

– Sid Candies | Otto Candies, LLC.

Montco Offshore, Inc.

“Montco Offshore has considered Karl Senner, LLC a partner in operation for over 30 years beginning with the use of Reintjes Gearboxes, and most recently with Azimuth Thrusters. All products have proven extremely reliable, and Karl Senner, LLC is unmatched within the industry.”

– Lee Orgeron  President  |  Montco Offshore, Inc.

Gulfmark Americas, Inc.

“Karl Senner, LLC has done an outstanding job globally supporting our vessels. During recent dry dockings, Karl Senner, LLC once again surpassed our expectations by providing unparalleled parts availability and highly skilled factory trained technicians. At Gulfmark, we know Karl Senner, LLC will support our vessels anywhere in the world, and we have great confidence and peace of mind knowing their team is always there to support us.”

– Jerry Richmond | Gulfmark Americas, Inc. 


“Neale Marine is thrilled with the performance of our first set of Reintjes gearboxes supplied by Karl Senner. The sales and service teams have been exceptional at addressing any of our questions or concerns throughout the vessel’s build process and after delivery. As the existing gearboxes on our 5 other operating towing vessels come up for replacement, we will happily consider Reintjes and the Karl Senner team for our needs in the future!”

– Capt. C.R. Neale III  |  Neale Marine


Purvis Marine vessel

“Purvis Marine is very pleased with the longevity of the REINTJES Gearboxes onboard the M/V Anglian Lady with over 93,000 running hours. When it came time for overhaul the Karl Senner Service Team responded quickly and efficiently to keep downtime at a minimum.”

– Jack Purvis, President | Purvis Marine Limited