Propulsion System Integration

Building on Karl Senner’s expertise in marine propulsion since 1967, our customers are now demanding a wide range of systems engineering and integration. As propulsion systems rapidly evolve, Karl Senner remains at the forefront of delivering turn-key systems by integrating multiple mechanical propulsion components, including:

  • Gearboxes
  • Shafted Fixed Pitch Propellers (FPP)
  • Shafted Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP)
  • Azimuth Thrusters
  • Tunnel Thrusters
  • Drop Down (Retractable) Thrusters
  • Integrated Electric Motors
  • Waterjets

Electrical System Integration

Today’s modern workboats, ferries, fishing vessels, government vessels, yachts, dredges, and even ships are looking for a competitive edge to increase performance, reduce operational costs, and utilize environmentally friendly solutions. There is a growing demand for ‘greener’ solutions to reduce exhaust emissions and greenhouse gasses, while at the same time, vessel types and operating profiles remains very diverse. The combination of these two realities requires an experienced marine propulsion team who understand your vessel’s operating requirements and can configure a system tailored to your needs. The market offers a nearly infinite number of options to configure different types of electrical systems.

Karl Senner’s Systems Integration Team works with a wide array of suppliers to configure the optimal source of components, customized to individual applications. Our systems engineering remains agnostic to specific manufactures, and rather selects the best components for your system. We understand the wide array of marine environments and operations, and pride ourselves on our ability to convert your operational needs into a robust integrated propulsion system, specifically targeting:

  • Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems
  • Hybrid (Electromechanical) Propulsion Systems
  • Hybrid (Generator + Battery) Electrical Systems
  • Fully Electric

Karl Senner also strives to “future proof” its designs, so they remain cutting edge and easily upgraded as components are improved or developed. Taking a holistic “systems” approach to includes everything from:

  • Determine Optimal Propulsion Type
  • Determine Optimal Propulsion Power
  • Electric Motor Selection
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Selection
  • Generator Sizing/Quantity
  • Switchboards
  • Optimizing the One Line Design
  • Electrical Automation and Programable Logic
  • Battery Sizing and Battery Type Selection
  • Onboard and Shoreside Battery Charging
  • Main Propulsion Control System
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems

We aim to ensure that your design is optimized for your budget and operational goals, while still proving high operational reliability and serviceability.


At Karl Senner we have the benefit of direct involvement with a broad spectrum of maritime market segments, from inland transportation to offshore service, ferries, fishing vessels, yachts, dredges, and military applications. We have supplied equipment on over 300 diesel-electric/hybrid applications in various market segments. This exposure allows Karl Senner to adopting the lessons-learned and successes from one market segment to another, transferring our knowledge and experience to our customer. As the technology is constantly evolving, we are continually learning and re-educating ourselves for the future.