The Miss Carter W’s 2,000 hp. is supplied by twin Caterpillar C32A main engines rated 1,000 hp. each at 1,800 rpm. They are mated to Reintjes WAF 573 gears from Karl Senner, which have a reduction ratio of 7:1, and they turn 80- by 62-inch steel propellers on 7-inch shafts with Duramax seals.

“Throughout many years and many gears, Karl Senner and REINTJES have provided Verret Shipyard with products and services for 40+ vessels. A good hull, the right ratio and propellers have been the key to the success and reliability of Verret built vessels. Many thanks to the Senner Family for all their dedication to their product and Verret Shipyard.”

– Ted Verret, President | Verret Shipyard, Inc.

REINTJES gearboxes of the WAF/LAF, DLG, VA, and SVA/SVAL series have been specially designed for heavy-duty workboat applications such as tugboats, fishing trawlers, inland towboats, ferries, tankers, off-shore vessels, container vessels, and special-purpose ships.

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